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Hello, I am going to explain about this junked roller coil I bought at a ham fest for 5 dollars. It is a great roller, solid silver windings, 22Áh. When I bought it the contacts on the slider were toasted and no one wanted an unusable roller coil. I took it home and sat looking at it for some time, then remembered a device I had removed from an old 2 meter transceiver, Motorola Twin V, I removed the 12 VDC dynamotor, or motor generator from it and built a solid state 120VAC powered power supply for a fixed station transceiver. I found the MG set and did some investigating, the brushes on it were not of the graphite type, but were copper. I tore the MG set apart and removed the brush holders with as much of the connecting tail as I could save. I then removed the slider from the roller coil and trimmed off the existing toasted contacts. I put the slider back in place with and using a pair of hemostats placed one of the brush holders such that looking down through it with the brush removed I could see the roller winding centered in the brush holder hole, then soldered it to the slider arm that was the original contact. I repeated this for the other brush holder on the opposite side. I installed the copper brushes and operated the roller, it turned like a dream and using my analog meter I ran the roller from one end to the other several times and the needle stayed right at the bottom of the scale so no skipping, this roller has never given me any trouble and never arc's at the contacts during tune up. Remember think "out of the box" can save a lot of money and give a person some satisfaction too 73, CUL Jerry
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