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Hi, to the right you will see a photo of the plate chokes. These are the Ameritron RFC3 Pilar Choke, 225uh, 1.5 amp, 4kv, 1.8-30 MHz. I ordered them from rfparts.com, cost was 24.95 each, plus shipping. The 2 chokes works very well in all the amateur bands with the GS35B. You can see the .001 uf 6 KV Silver Mica Transmitting Capacitor for my blocking capacitor. You do not need this, as I happened to have this sitting in my junk box, about 4  .001 uf 5 KV Door knobs would be fine.

(NOTE: Originally there was only one Ameritron RFC3 plate choke,  but I found there was a slight problem on 160 meters (hi plate current and low efficiency),  this is now fixed by adding the second Ameritron RFC3,  and a another door knob 1000pf 12kvdc between the two chokes. The 2 chokes were mounted this way on purpose to minimize coupling between the 2 chokes. Changed 2/8/2018 )