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Tuned Input. The values for the tuned input board are shown on the tuned input print. The variable capacitors are not always full value, that is if a 2200f capacitor is needed, it may be a parallel network of a 1800f fixed mica and a 500f max mica trimmer capacitor. I was able to get the fixed mica's and the mica trimmers on eBay for a good price. I found this input to work absolutely great, it is totally flat across all the bands. The 30, 40, 60 meter is tuned on 40 but is also flat on the other bands as well, same with the 15, 17 meter and the 10, 12 meter. I do not have any antennas for the warc bands at this time but have checked with my dummy load and the Amplifier works good there as well. The output trimmer for 10 meters (C2) is actually connected directly from the cathode input Capacitor C13 to ground, near the tube socket. It is in the circuit at all times on all bands, but is very low C so does not give any problems for the other bands. C13 is a parallel network made up of a .01f and a .001f disk ceramic capacitor. In the photo's below you can see how to adjust the tuned imput with the amplifier totally operational, also it shows how to adjust R6 to set the overload grid current limit.