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Hello I want to tell you about my High Voltage connectors. I worked at the Glacier Park Airport for 18 years as the Electrical/IT supervisor, I had many duties one of them was keeping the runway/taxiway lights and signs maintained. These lights are run in a series circuit, this way you can run a single conductor up one side of the runway across the end then back to the other end then across again and the back to were you started from. The runway at my airport was 800 feet so there was a single #6 wire for total of about 2000 feet counting the ends and such. These were fed off a constant amperes, variable voltage regulator. On bright, it was fed with 6 amps, but the voltages was anywhere up to 3000. How do you make this thing work with out losing all the lights when one goes out--you put a transformer on each light. The regulator keeps the circuit going as the regulator rises the voltages enough to keep the amps at the right amperes, even though the primary of the transformers. The transformer do go out, and need replacement, the old ones are thrown away. Now we finally are the point I was going to tell you about hihi. These transformers have three pig tails coming out, two are for the line voltages the third one goes to the light. These two line connections are usually 18 to 24 inches long, one is a female the other is male, and are rated at 5kv and are at least 10 gauge wire. When I looked at one, it didn't take me long for me to figure they could be of use one day. So I cut the HV leads off and they went to my house hihi, I am sure I have a few spares some where here. They are the ones I used for running the 3000 volts between the power supply to the RF deck, being careful to put the female end to the HV keeping that male end from getting hit by 3000KV by accident and getting some one hurt. So for those of you out there looking for high volt connector check around your local airport for some bad runway light or sign tranformers all you have to is do is cut the pig tails off and you have a male and female matched pair 5KV connector in case you ever need it.