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Hello to all, welcome to my website. My name is Jerry, I was licensed in 1961 as KN7VIC my novice call, later K7VIC advanced, in 1982 extra 20 WPM code. I am an old fashion ham operator, build what I can, trade a lot if possible, as am not a rich one. I enjoy HF and MF operating, CW, SSB, and Digital are the modes I use. I hope to see you on the bands 73, and
GOD Bless you and your family, Jerry.

(I had a stoke in January 2017, lost my right leg and right hand, and was right handed hi hi. I am much better now, walk with a cane and right hand is getting better, can do cw a little but not enough to get on air. The LORD has given me back so much and I am sure HE will do more with more time. So for now I am doing digital as I trouble typing, but getting better, thank goodness for macros hi hi)

I now have 160 thru 6 mtr antennas. I put up a 80 meter inverted Vee @ 90 feet fed wid ladder line, it works FB fer 80, 60, 40, 30, 17, es 12 meters thru my Johnson KW matchbox, I just put up a cushcraft 6 meter ringo ranger @ 80 feet, so now I can work 160- 6 meters. For 10-15-20 mtrs, I have my KLM   KT34XA @ 100 feet, hope cu on the bands gb 73 Jerry

My Email if you wish to contact me is k7vic@k7vic.com

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